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Auto Repair Maintenance Service Shop - Brake Repair Sugar Land, TX
From Oil Changes to Engine Replacements

Excel Auto Clinic in Sugar Land, TX is a full service auto repair shop and, we provide repair and maintenance for automobiles of all types. And, our expert Auto Repair Technicians can repair brakes, replace batteries, serpentine belts and, service radiators. We also perform many types of routine maintenance, such as tire rotation, changing the oil and realigning the front end. Moreover, all of our auto repairs in Sugar Land are covered by a warranty that lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles.

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Replacing the Serpentine Belt

This component is typically connected to a tensioner or to an idler pulley, and if the serpentine belt becomes loose, the part could begin to squeak. When a serpentine belt is too tight, the misaligned component may damage other parts, such as the alternator or the water pump.

Brake Repair & Maintenance

When brake pads become too thin, the old components could substantially reduce the smoothness of the automobile's rotors. With a rough surface, each brake disc will likely cause new pads to wear out more quickly than they would otherwise. When installing fresh brake pads, our brake repair Sugar Land TX and auto repair business will use cutting-edge equipment to suppress the pistons of each caliper, and we will thoroughly inspect the vehicle's brake lines. When you need brake repair in Sugar Land, TX visit Excel Auto Repair Clinic.

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Battery Service

Our battery service will use brushes to eliminate corrosion on the terminals of the battery. Moreover, our experts may add a tray that will prevent the battery from shifting when the vehicle drives over bumps and potholes.

The Alternator

Made of metal, the brushes of an alternator continuously come into contact with the rotor, which spins rapidly after the vehicle has been started. Over time, the brushes become worn and may no longer reach the alternator's rotating components.

Our Sugar Land auto repair company will test all of the wires that connect the alternator to the battery. Furthermore, we can determine the exact amount of amps that the alternator is generating, and we'll inspect the rectifier and the diodes.

When it comes to maintenance and repair for your vehicle, rely on the professional auto repair services Excel Auto Clinic has to offer. Our ASE™-certified mechanics have more than 26 years of combined experience in the auto repair industry and are are amply kept up-to-date with the latest in auto maintenance and repair.  They are capable of handling involved complexities that can be presented by all vehicles.  Our auto repair shop provides prompt, professional service to our clients and their vehicles. We will provide you the best recommendations of various auto manufacturers and maintenance service for your car.

Excel Auto Clinic is a  full-service auto repair shop that has been serving the Sugar Land, Texas area for 16 years,.  We are conveniently located next to Food City™ and Popeyes™ restaurant on Eldridge Road.

Visit our auto repair shop in Sugar Land, Texas, for top-of-the-line services including: auto repairs, oil changes, brake service, transmissions and engine services.

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