Tuesday, June 28 2022

— An error at a Midas service center destroyed the engine of a brand new truck. The truck owner couldn’t convince anyone to take responsibility until 5 On Your Side stepped in and made sure he didn’t have to pay for the $14,000 repair.

Roscoe Emanuel purchased the truck from Performance Ford in Clinton late last year. He took it on a cross-country trip and was in Oklahoma when he needed an oil change.

“Midas said I could drop it and they could change the oil,” Emanuel said.

About 1,500 miles later, Emanuel said the low oil light came on.

The Clinton dealership checked and found the oil filter was three turns away from being tightened and so much oil had leaked out that the engine was in ruins and needed to be replaced.

“I don’t have $20,000 to put an engine in,” Emanuel said.

Emanuel called the Midas location where he got service and a corporate office, but getting nowhere, he contacted 5 On Your Side.

“I just want my truck fixed. That’s all,” Emanuel said. “That’s all I ask.”

5 On Your Side reviewed Emanuel’s records and found he was well within the 90 day warranty period when this occurred. 5 On Your Side contacted the owner of the Midas location, TBC Corporation, and helped Emanuel file a claim.

Several people from TBC told 5 On Your Side that the case had been sent to Sedgwick Slaims management services for investigation, but Sedgwick had no record of Emanuel’s case. Then finally, Emanuel got the news he had been waiting for for over a month.

The $14,000 engine replacement was authorized and Emanuel had nothing to pay.

“You’re the only one who really tried to help me. And I appreciate that,” Emanuel said.

5 On Your Side understood that this was never the case for Sedgwick. They do not handle claims for Midas locations from the TBC company. Instead, each franchise location has its own insurer.

When 5 On Your Side alerted TBC to their miscommunication in Emanuel’s case, they said they would correct this issue with their customer service representatives. This is an important reminder to always back up your vehicle’s maintenance records in case something goes wrong.


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