Tuesday, June 28 2022

AAMCO can help your car get better gas mileage!

Jenny stopped at AAMCO in Taylorsville and spoke to owner Tom Griffith about how a good tune-up can save you money and gas.

He said it’s important to keep the tires properly inflated. Tom explained that if they are underinflated it will create more drag and take more force to move the car forward.

Properly aligned and rotated tires can also help you save gas. If they are not aligned or rotated correctly, your car’s engine has to work harder.

Tom says that regular oil changes not only keep your car’s engine healthy, but also improve your gas mileage.

It is also important to ensure that other fluids, such as radiator fluid for example, are all full and clean. Think about your body. When you are fueled and hydrated, your performance is much better.

Be sure to stop by AAMCO before any road trip so they can check everything and make sure your car is in top condition. They offer a FREE Vehicle Courtesy Check ($85 value).

AAMCO specializes in transmission repair and total car maintenance, offering services such as brake repairs, oil changes, diagnostics and inspections, car and engine tune-ups. audio and air conditioning repair.

AAMCO does not offer any financing required for credit at its 8 Utah locations from Provo to Logan.

Visit AAMCoutah.com to find the one closest to you.


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