Wednesday, August 3 2022

ANN ARBORCarBeast recently launched an app that diagnoses vehicle issues and informs about potential future maintenance and repairs needed, all based on hundreds of millions of real life records that reflect the experience of tens of thousands of service technicians. vehicles in North America.

“Owners are keeping their vehicles longer out of necessity, especially given the current vehicle shortages that are creating increased demand for repairs as well as preventative maintenance,” said Kunal Joshi, data scientist at CarBeast. “CarBeast helps reduce the stress and inconvenience of vehicle maintenance issues and also serves as a learning tool.”

Prior to developing the app, CarBeast surveyed the general public and found significant, albeit unmet, demand for access to information to help make informed decisions about repairs and maintenance as well as when buying a used vehicle.

CarBeast uses information from a very large and growing knowledge base of vehicle service records that reflects the experiences of many technicians to help not only diagnose current service needs, but also predict and prepare for the future maintenance and repairs. New data is continually added to CarBeast, which automatically learns about new problems and their resolutions.

Record prices and depleted inventory levels have contributed to the average age of vehicles on U.S. roads hitting a record 12.1 years, according to IHS Markit. Additionally, the average retail price for new vehicles in the first quarter of 2022 in the United States topped $44,000 for the first time, according to JD Power.

Backed by technology and expertise from Ann Arbor, Michigan-based technology company Ubiquiti Inc., CarBeast is a web-based artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that takes the guesswork out of pinpointing the root causes of problems vehicle, which helps owners anticipate what may be wrong with their vehicle, what repairs are likely to be needed, and their approximate costs.

“In this age of technological explosion, including a major escalation in software-related technology, certain parts of the tech world can have a significant impact on the average person,” said Dr. David Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center. for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. “CarBeast has brought efficient automotive repair data management to the automotive world so that average consumers can understand and use this information.

“We often hear about people doing things that are not necessary on their vehicles and not doing things that should be done. CarBeast is an important tool that will change the game in the automotive world. »

CarBeast currently provides two features: CarBeast Insight and CarBeast Foresight.

CarBeast Insight allows a vehicle owner to describe the “symptoms” of the problem their vehicle is currently experiencing. The app then combs through knowledge from its vast database of repair records to find similar cases. Innovative AI uses these records to provide a list of repairs that may resolve the issue and their approximate costs. Additionally, CarBeast Insight provides the user with a list and contact information of nearby dealerships and service centers.

CarBeast Foresight notifies a vehicle owner of future issues their vehicle may encounter. Using service records from similar year, make and model vehicles, CarBeast Foresight identifies what repairs the owner’s vehicle may need in the future, the projected costs, and whether those issues may snowball into bigger issues. CarBeast Foresight allows the user to see the total projected maintenance and repair costs over a selected mileage range, along with details of each service and repair that will likely be required.

Anticipating possible repairs helps make better decisions about buying, owning and maintaining vehicles.

CarBeast is available now at for a limited time introductory price of $0.99 per year per vehicle.


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