Friday, December 2 2022

LINDEN, Mich. (WJRT) — The Back to the Bricks tune-up week festivities continued Wednesday with a car show in Linden.

The popularity of the tour around Genesee County shows that these events aren’t just about looking at cool cars. It is also a question of emotion, feeling and the value that these vehicles have for their owners.

Dalton Pipgras, 16, has yet to take a driving lesson. But he doesn’t need a license to take a flash race car on the course.

Pipgras joined the racing circuit this year and he hopes to finish in the top three for the season. He said his car meant a lot to him because of all the work that went into it.

“We had to replace the whole car – the brakes, the engine. We had to buy a brand new engine, which is already destroyed from my first race… buy brand new wheels, brand new rims,” ​​said Pipgras .

He’s not the only one building something from scratch. George Connell, who came from Alabama to visit his family, showed off his ratrod – a custom car made from bits of other cars.

“It’s a 1940 White Tractor highway cab sitting on a Chevrolet truck chassis with a Chevrolet V-8. And there’s heating, security, air conditioning – all the factors to be road legal” , Connell said.

Just up the street, Joe Sims’ restored 1964 GTO represents the love of his family. Not only did his son help him work on the car, it’s the exact same model he was driving when he met his wife, Linda.

“We went out together in this car. We took it out. We went to the Detroit Dragway a few times. We moved around in it. We had a lot of fun in it,” Sims said.


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