Friday, December 2 2022

Alright, I know that picture on this page is very silly, but that’s because a picture was needed to put it all together.

That being said…hi. My name is Brett and I run a YouTube channel under the stage name GoldenFox. I produce videos critiquing episodes of My Little Pony; both Friendship is Magic and the latest generation of the franchise. Apart from my YouTube channel, I go everywhere. I work in a supermarket to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. And for part of the year, I drive my girlfriend, CosmicKeyframe, to the airport for business trips to various international conventions to sell products. In short, travel plays a huge role in our careers.

Recently my car had a knock that will cost me a fortune to repair. And in the meantime, I have to work with a rental vehicle to get around, such as work, groceries, and another possible business trip in the future. Right now, the future is unclear, and it’s…all a problem of thinking.

So let’s rewind the clocks to early August of this year and how I got into this mess. I was saving to replace the tires and do an oil change. But in the midst of this, financial problems arose. So I couldn’t maintain priorities on my car for a while. On August 22, we had to rush somewhere as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that would lead to the predicament I currently find myself in. As I drove as fast as I could down the highway, the car started making strange crackling noises. The noise got louder and louder, and the next thing I knew I went from driving at 80 miles an hour… to 40 miles an hour. Not a second to lose, I stopped and saw smoke coming out of the hood. At this point, in addition to not having done an oil change, I pressed the accelerator pedal, thus destroying the engine. After a few hundred bucks my friends paid through PayPal, I had it towed to a nearby repair shop and SUV for rent.

So the next step was to set a donation goal on Twitch to get as much help from my viewers. I explained the details, and donations were in progress. However, due to miscommunications with the repair shop and vehicle rental, I had to pay an extra few hundred dollars with the money given instead of paying for the engine. And by doing any donation help, I got nothing afterwards. So a GoFundMe was the next option, and I hope that helps. Anything I do in return, I’m completely open to suggestions. Chrissy and I want to get out of this situation, and I need your help.

The money paid will mainly be used to repair the engine of my car. And in secondary, any tax charges and rental fees for my current vehicle. Anything beyond that will cover all the other expenses I can’t think of right now. Either that or help someone else.


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