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However, like everything else, they can become less efficient and slower over time. And, if you’re not the “patient” type, the whole situation may seem quite boring. I mean, I’ve seen people break their PCs because of this problem.

So yeah, it’s that bad.

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However, when such a problem occurs, you have three options:

  • Buy a brand new computer.
  • Accept the slower speed and be more patient, or
  • Use a focus utility tool.

So which one do you think would be best for you?

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If you ask me, I will choose the third option, because I am not a very patient person. And, I definitely refuse to change my beastly gaming platform.

It was too expensive!

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Tuning Utilities – What’s the problem?

A PC tune-up utility, in essence, is software that can scan your system files, locate the problem area, and fix them. This, in turn, can improve your PC’s performance and also reduce boot time.

Usually, with a PC optimization utility, you can start by defragmenting your hard drive and freeing up space by eliminating duplicate and temporary files. Besides, it also focuses on cleaning the registry. This can reduce the severity of crashes and slow down your computer.

Three tune-up utilities to look forward to

To be honest, Windows 10 itself does a great job of keeping your computer running smoothly. However, if you use your computer regularly or work on it for an extended period of time, the amount of clutter can increase massively.

And, if you don’t remove them, your PC speed will slow down imminently.

Therefore, to help you, I have enlisted a plethora of utility tools and offered valuable information about them. I hope I can help you.

Iolo System Mechanic

When it comes to cleaning up your PC clutter, Iolo can be the best possible option on almost every front. For starters, it can safely delete your files without making any mistakes.

Also, you will get several additional valuable tools that can help you take care of other system-related tasks and improve your system speed.

The only problem with this software is that it can only be used on Windows. Therefore, if you are using a MAC, I will ask you to move on to the next alternative.

Piriform CCleaner

If Iolo takes the top position in the list of “best debugging utility tools”, CCleaner can be considered a close second. To begin with, it can clean junk files available in both system and browser of your PC. Also, it can fix app-related or system-related errors quite effectively.

Another cool feature of this tool is that it can automatically update your device driver and utility quickly. This, in turn, can significantly improve the speed and performance of your system.

Just one thing, though.

CCleaner has a free version, which can only be used if you can cope with the ads. Or, you can try upgrading to the premium variant.

Advanced PC Cleanup

Advanced PC Cleanup, in essence, is the most beginner-friendly app you’ll find on the internet. It’s a one-stop solution to eliminate unnecessary file clutter, optimize your registry folders, and uninstall unwanted applications.

With Advanced PC Cleanup, you can also clean almost all redundant files located on your computer. Finally, an identity protector is also available in the system. You can use the same to hide your identity traces on the web.

Final Thoughts

The main job of a tune up utility software will be to improve the performance of your PC and make it better than before. Therefore, if you think your system has become a little slow, make sure to use the tool I mentioned earlier.

As I said, each of them is tried and tested by us. Therefore, you can definitely trust them. But, before opting for anything, I will ask you to do a free trial of the software. This way you can understand whether the tool is right for you or not.

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